Do I need to schedule a consultation with a lawyer for a traffic violation?   

No, most of the time a simple phone call with all information relating to the ticket and completion of a brief phone intake and access to the most current driver’s license report is all that is needed for the Hands Team to get started on your case.  More often than not, there is no need for a face to face meeting. After reviewing the driving record, the attorney will reach out to the client and discuss what can be done to best resolve the matter and all other case-related issues.

What are the steps that happen after you move forward with a traffic matter?  

If you have received a speeding ticket and have contacted Hands Law to resolve it we first need a copy of your driver’s record.  Hands Law can pull one on your behalf for $25. Once we have looked over your record, our attorney is then better able to know what legal remedies are available to you.

Will a ticket cause my insurance cost to go up?

Potentially, all moving violations carry some amount of points on your insurance.

Should I hire an attorney or pay the ticket?   

Paying the ticket without the advice of an attorney will result in a disposition of guilty being entered which could result in penalties and an increase in insurance cost.

 What if I missed my Court date? 

Do not worry, Hands Law can still help and can reschedule the matter for a future date.

I got a ticket in another state, will that affect the status of my North Carolina driver’s license?  

It could. Please reach out to Hands Law so that we can determine how best to handle your traffic issue.

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